Perfect time to announce action against the things in the books, as per the news letter

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"It's crucial to note that any third party client is not legal."

Rampant cheating and players have lost accounts (hacked, chars deleted) due to these illicit hackware programs. While accounts can be restored, the epidemic of cheating and deleted characters/stolen equipment cannot. We need to stop this madness and emphasize it's not tolerated. Actions speak louder than words, so, it's time to action the accounts of the players that use these, not just players dropping books. Set a firm precedent that these illicit hackware clients will not be tolerated. @Mesanna
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I will be slow to reply because I cannot log in/stay logged in to the forums.
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    Typical BASH/TROLL thread that needs locking.  I guess you are taking over for @Mervyn, hope they perma ban you like him.  @Mariah @Rorschach time to lock this one down.
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    The devs have said they WILL NOT discuss this topic here. Please stop this!
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