Possibe Theory for Broken Bosses at EM Events and Instances

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Has anyone checked vendor search the moment when the Boss has died whether at EM Events or Instances at the time you do not receive a reward in your backpack?

Its a stretch, but I am wondering if the reward system is on the same server that keeps the results for vendor search.  Vendor search was going down a lot yesterday, and coincidentally the Chesapeake boss did not yield its reward.  If they both are on the same server, this could be the reason why its been difficult to replicate the bug, and explain why it has not been fixed.

I know they had issues with auction safes around server down times, where people were losing gold, and so that's why we are forced to put items on safe for 3 - 7 day timers.

I realize correlation doesn't always create causation.  Its just a theory.

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    Neither has anything to do with the other.
  • Nails_WarsteinNails_Warstein Posts: 132
    Kyronix said:
    Neither has anything to do with the other.
    Thank you, then it still remains a mystery.
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