Tamers + pets need upgrade


Sorry for long post and it's probably going to be hard to read, but had to say my opinion before game time ends.

So i just got back and the AI on pets are just really really idiotic, it means that many builds are not viable at all.

A few examples are:

1) Necromage - these pets are out of mana instantly and necromancy is way too useless for pets to be used.
2) Chivalry - pets with chivalry should not be used in places where several type of mobs attack your pet. For example when fighting bosses that spawn other stuff meanwhile. This means that your pet could cast Enemy of One on one of the spawned monsters, and take extra dmg from the boss.

Not to mention how some special moves work on the pets, they cost way too much mana for the pet to be viable (unless you're actually building a pet for a certain task), but in combination with a caster (magery or chivalry) the pet is always out of mana.

There are ways in which this could be fixed in my opinion i have a few examples.

1) Give a special move (or ability) that increases mana regen for the pets with 100-200%. This ability would cost x points. By having this we could use a lot more builds for our pets, and it would not make them "too" overpowered, in my opinion it would make them more viable. Optionally (Consume Damage - rank 3 taming mastery) could also give a higher mana regen as well.

2) Make tamers be able to tell our pets when to use abilities, either via pet bar (like in World of Warcraft). This way we could use Mortal strike on our pets when the monster is casting heals, instead of pet wasting its mana on using mortal strike on the target while the target is not healing. This would of course be more interesting for us as tamers, than option 2a (as seen below).


2a) make it so that we can choose beforehand when the pet should use its abilities, i.e. Use mortal strike when target health > 30%, this would then mean that the pet would not be using mortal strike when the target is above 30% health. Or even make it a bit smarter by having it say that use mortal strike when target is healing. Same would ofcourse go with all abilities that the pet has, for example make the pet able to do combos for bursting damage.

Now to the tamer masteries.

The passive mastery is really poorly designed, what use do we have of +2 stable slots? None. They just sit there in the stables unable to be used.

I'd love to see that tamers would receive a -100% bond timer on the pets we get, as well as the +2 stable slots (or even more). I'd also love to see that tamers should be able to ride every pet they train to 5-slot. Because right now the only viable pets are pets that you can ride, because you'll end up running everywhere with slow speed and that's hopefully not how this game was designed to be.

Now as a tamer you're just taming pets, feeding them and leave them in stables to be able to take them out when bonded to start training them. This defeats the purpose of being a tamer in my opinion.

With the combat training (taming mastery) only rank 3 is viable to be used (Consume Damage) the other ones are really useless, and i have never actually had to use them, and i played quite long with rank 1-2, and for those i only had use of the whispering ability.

Veterinary skill

This skill is so useless right now, it can only be used as ressurecting your pets, trying to use it for anything else is useless. If the monsters you're fighting have "advanced AI" they will start attacking you instead of your pet, resulting in high damage / death, i.e. champ spawn bosses or bosses overall.

I'm not saying veterinary should give the tamer a 100% win rate, but at least it should be viable (which it isn't now).

Taming is the only thing i find fun to play in this game, and with the current state of tamers i dont see a reason for renewing my game time and continue playing the game. It's not whining and i'm not looking for attention, i'm just saying how i see it and hope to see changes in the future.

And to those of you who don't see a reason for changing how tamers work, please ask yourself if it wouldn't be more fun to see more viable builds for your pets in the future, so that every pet you build (no matter what special ability they have) you'd be able to play that pet anywhere, and not like it is now, that if a pet starts with 3x special moves when tamed, that you know this pet will be out of mana before you've even been fighting for 1-2 minutes.

Thank you for reading <span>:smile:</span>
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