Reflect physical damage

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for pvp should be 100% max right? why it goes higher?


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     Intensity  Range
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    Reflect Physical Damage1 – 15(I) 1-20 (R)(L)1.0Armor (I)(R)(L)
    Shields (I)(R)(L)
    250Reflect Physical Damage will reflect a percentage of any kinetic physical damage that is inflicted on you back onto the one who inflicted it.
    1-15(I) 1- 20 (R)(L)Ranged &2 handed melee Weapons   (R)(L)

    Says 250.
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  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
    But should be 100 for pvp right? 250 is silly.
    and what happen when guy with 140 rpd hits a guy with 140 rpd with a 100% physical weapon?  who gets the damage?  a loop?
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    Reflected damage doesn't reflect in turn.

    Weapon damage & some spells which deal physical damage will reflect, also chaos damage will reflect roughly 1/5 hits.

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