Returning Player

KelmainKelmain Posts: 12
Hello everyone, 

I have been away from UO for decades and I miss it so here I am back for some more fun. I started with a free EJ account just to test the waters. I downloaded the Enhanced Client, never having used it before to try it out.

Everything so far seems to be great and I have now subscribed back up. The bank storage was giving me problems as a Endless Journey (EJ) player because the other player have been so generous and tried to help me with items. I met someone and they gave me some fantastic items, I emptied my bank of everything to fit them in and on the next day I just subscribed to open up that storage. and well I sorta knew it was only matter of time before I wanted more that the EJ offered.

I have found the Event Callender and am going to do my darndest to be at the event "Oceania - A Flight of Dragons". I fully expect my crafter to get decimated if there is combat, and with dragons, well, I think I will be laughing at my monitor as I gain a much better understanding of dead in UO now.

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