UO’s basic skill gain system (BSGS)

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Please fill me in, I've never really studied this and was trying to get some details about skill gains.

I understand the "GGS" it has about nine paragraphs and a table written about it. However, I don't see the documentation for the normal basic skill gain system.

All I have seen documented is:

UO’s basic skill gain operates as a “use-based system,” and each time a character successfully uses a skill he or she has the possibility of gaining in that skill – sometimes the character will gain skill, other times not.
I am not too sure how helpful that is to everyone else, but to me it seems a little vague especially when SoA state: 

During that time characters have the chance to gain 0.2 to 0.5 at each skill check instead of the normal 0.1.  

The part I am missing is where does the 0.1 feature in "use-based system. Did I miss a wiki page? Its just expected we guess an answer of how "0.1" and "possibility" fit together in the mechanics of the game?

TLDR; Where is the documentation for Basic Skill Gain System? and/or can someone explain it to me in Laymans terms? (perhaps with an example).
Bonus points for telling me how Scrolls of Alacrity work with the BSGS ! 

Thanks, Happy New Year
Been playing a long time, never figured to work this out.


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    Skill gain rate varies from skill to skill based on the skill, your skill level, and whatever you are doing to gain in the skill.  There is always a probability of a gain based on your skill level and what you are doing.  There are so many variables  I think the skill progression for gains is unique to most skills except maybe for melee weapon skills.  There is some sort of minimum skill gain formula but to be honest I don’t think players run into that to often.  Best rule of thumb for me is to have a rate of success between 45% and 75% (easy to difficult?).  Think what you are doing and how often is the key. 

    For example if you build a basic mage, meditation, resist spells, eval intel and magery.  Mediation gains faster than the other skills, and there is a New Haven based activity that raises resist spells very quickly without affecting the other skills.
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    Let's talk Animal Taming as it is the one for me that I am posing my question and that's what I am using currently training. 

    I am not overly worried about all the variables at the moment. 

    If I am attempting a skill and its deemed challenging I pass 1/5 attempts I have a lower skill progression than if I pass 4/5 attempts? Am I right in saying this?

    Also, lets say I pass 4/5 challenging attempts and 4/5 optimal attempts then the skill gain is going to be slightly better in my favour for the challenging attempts. Would that be true?

    However given that challenging is going to give less of a pass rate than optimal. It could be argued to stick to optimal skill (disregarding the randomness of RNG) attempts because the more I pass, then the more skill increase. Because you gain skills based on the successes not the failures? (disregarding GGS)

    Would skill total be more of the variables like in GGS? 
    It would be better to train with a character with less total skill level in regard to BSGS as well?

    Hoping its all clear what I am trying to ask.

    I am looking at best actions to train, animal taming. 
    In uoguide, it states at level 90 you should train great harts but the crystal ball of knowledge tells me they are too easy.
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    Get a mythic token and use taming mastery 
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    Grimbeard said:
    Get a mythic token and use taming mastery 

    Thank you. I'll check out taming mastery. I haven't yet.

    Hey and before you say it, I am already considering SoT. I just trying to figure out fun vs time sink
    There's a level of fun involved with training, but I just am trying to figure out the BSGS and SoA, which doesn't seem to be covered in a wiki page. If I had this at hand, then I could figure out, where to spend my time, and what is potential waste of time.

    waste of time + no fun
    = bad  :-)
    using SoA wrong because you don't understand BSGS
    = even worse

    = *this is supposed to be an equal signs btw 
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    Grimbeard said:
    Get a mythic token and use taming mastery 
    I had a look at taming mastery. Are you referring to whispering?

    Its skill increase for pets not the character.

    I am just guessing thats what you meant.
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    Anytime you use the mastery you have chance to gain taming or lore
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    Basically if you're doing the right action for your skill level you have a chance to gain from it. The crystal ball of knowledge helps you understand what that action is. There is no documentation for basic skill gain, and never has been.
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    Thank you for the insight.
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