How I am failing a starting this quest line.

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I would like to visit the Twisted Weald, ultimately for skill mastery and defeat Twaulo.

However I have visited Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition and she has offered no quest.

Apparently on uoguide , Calendor, will offer the Dreadhorn quest who I must defeat to be able to access the Twisted Weald on a permanent basis.

So when I visit Calendor, what do I do? What am I missing?

On a side note, how hard will Twaulo be to defeat, and Dreadhorn? Are they possible to do solo, or will I need someone to help?


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    What does Calendor say when you double click her?

    You do not need to defeat dreadhorn to enter the weald, merely take the dreadhorn quest.
    If you are trying to defeat the champion to gain the mastery book I'd suggest cancelling Hawkwind's quest and finding a friendly bard, a much easier way to access the book. Primers can be found on vendors on most shards.
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    Calendor doesn't say anything. When I click her I get three options
    • Open paperdoll
    • Train Focus (greyed out)
    • Train Meditation (greyed out)
    Nevermind, I double clicked her and was given the option to start the quest.


    I purchased a primer yesterday from a player vendor and used it already. Not sure what I was supposed to do after and looked at uoguide, that instructed i needed to go to Hawkwind to get the master book.

    The way its explained translates to me as: I need a primer book and a mastery book. The mastery book has the powers in it but I need to finish the hawkwind quest line to get that book. I was left unsure what the primer book was for.

    I am unsure why I need a friendly bard though. Honestly I have no idea.
    Kudos to you for trying to help me out though.

    P.S. I already cancelled Hawkwinds quest trying to get Calendors quest to work.
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    You need the mastery book in your backpack.  Player’s vendors often have them for sale for around 60,000 gold on my shard.  You can switch masteries if you have more than one by right clicking on the book.  

    You can also buy the primers level 1 to 3.  You  need  to click on the mastery primer and follow the instructions to activate it in the book.
  • Xrose what shard have you decided to play on ?
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    Ah right.

    Its all sorted now. With a little guidance it was a case of me thinking in the right direction and getting things in the right order. 

    Thanks for the help.

    @JackFlashUk Europa. I am not so sure how to check a characters age. Was there ever a token to transfer a character from one shard to another?
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    Okay so I think around 2004 I did use this to move my character from Catskills, Chesapeake or Atlantic to Europa. I cannot remember the original shard, but those were the ones I used in 97-98
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    I am not too sure how to add friends within the UO client, I was actually trying this with someone else earlier, and neither of us could figure it out.
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    Xrose said:
    I am not too sure how to add friends within the UO client, I was actually trying this with someone else earlier, and neither of us could figure it out.
    Much easier to be in a guild to make friends. General Chat will have many players in December for the Artisan Festival.  You may see some names from the past. Do the current event for now, you will meet other players.

    Keep asking questions.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Person to person communication is via:
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    At first I thought +friend in global scroll was broken.

    But you just have to hit it with a hammer, no I jest. I just needed to move the scroll bar up and down for no reason for it to suddenly work.

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