EC - Macro hotkey assignment fails to overwrite another

looploop Posts: 300
1. Create a macro and give it a hotkey via its context menu
2. Create another macro and attempt to give it the same hotkey
3. Observe hotkey assignment fails


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,279
    edited November 2023
    Not sure what you are getting at here.  You can’t assign the same hotkey to activate two different macros at the same time. You can remove a hotkey from one macro and then assign it to another,   EC does not automatically overwrite hot keys assigned to other macros.  You get a message warning you the key is currently being used and asking you if you want to remove it from the old and assign it to the new.
  • looploop Posts: 300
    edited November 2023
    Thanks. To clarify: there is no prompt for me to confirm the overwrite, as you would expect. Nothing happens, and an exception is reported in the debugger.
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