Couple of bugs I think should be fixed

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1.  Just entering Exodus encounter gives players 10000 positive karma without even having to kill the boss.  This is being abused by 4/6 chivalry pvpers.

2.  Putting down bamboo floors in houses allows people to show all stone pavers causing massive amounts of lag.  Please fix the bamboo floors bug so that you have to enter the houses in order to see the pavers.  


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    With regards to number 1, I would actually say it’s not an issue because it’s probably harder to get those keys than just kill a load of succubus. 
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  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    No its not since people can sell keys to exodus and craft them as well.  Plus the pvp toons aren't built to pvm with gear and weapons,  make them have to actually gain their karma in order to play their templates.  It shouldn't never had the karma bonus to begin with.
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    And let me guess... you want the bamboo fixed because it affects pvp too?  Too much lag around yew moongate?  

    Have not seen this be an issue on any server other than Atlantic. Perhaps I'm missing something.
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    fixing the bamboo floor ,i dream about that for longtime.walking in yew or luna without lag wow

  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    I personally think pavers shouldn't even been put in the game to begin with.  Its obviously a bug since no other floor tiles allow constant showing of the pavers.   There should be less lag in the game not more.  
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    ezikel said:
    fixing the bamboo floor ,i dream about that for longtime.walking in yew or luna without lag wow

    Exactly, a long over due fix for the game.  The only thing houses should show is the house itself and vendors then if you want to see more either get closer or get on the steps and it should load then.   
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    Honestly, a balance needs to be made. Simply turning off the display of stonework on bamboo tiles would create the most boring towns ever in the game. All you would see would be blank plots because none of their stonework would load unless you step into it. How dull.

    However, on the other end of things, I cannot run through Luna on Atlantic without a good chance of crashing due to all the crap people flaunt in their houses.

    I honestly feel stone should show on all designs, not just bamboo, but no other items should show without going into the house to load them.

    This would allow people to create custom houses with the stone, as intended, and you would be able to see the basic design of the house without having to load it. This would keep the cities looking nice instead of a barren land of "empty" plots, but you would not get bogged down with resources loading from everyone's animated deco crap loading (looking at you Atlantic).
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    The problem is the pavers are not part of house customization menu like they should have been.  Then when you hit control shift it would list hundreds of tiles one at a time.  Just add the custom tile abilities to the menu and remove the individual separate paver idea from the game.
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    What do you devs think of these issues?  @kyronix, @bleak ;
  • I found where I posted this back in May of last year and got no response!!
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