EC: frequent paperdoll data scanning

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In EC, a paperdoll rescan is triggered when damage is taken, including checking durability status, updating colors, etc.

This is triggered at relatively high frequency, whether it's the player, or their pet, or monsters taking damage.

Change below to damagewindow.lua, DamageWindow.Init() to only trigger this logic if it's the player taking damage.  Pets and monsters receiving damage will no longer trigger this logic.

move this line:
PaperdollWindow.GotDamage =  true

	elseif (Damage.mobileId == WindowData.PlayerStatus.PlayerId ) then
PaperdollWindow.GotDamage = true


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,754
    Does this prevent the updating of jewelry that loose durability when mages use magic?
  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 762
    edited November 2023
    Are you talking about wearing an antique ring or bracelet with mana regen, running a bard buff, and the jewel will just degrade to 0 current durability while standing still, without dealing or receiving any damage?  (or variations like training magery).

    The above doesn't change that - you still won't see the jewel go red in the paperdoll.  You lose 4 durability every 2-3 minutes.

    Changes in this area intersect with the durability threshold info here.

    PaperdollWindow.UpdateDurabilities() could be modified to check durability unconditionally at least every 2 minutes since last check.  That would catch cases like the above, as well as edge cases like dealing damage, but never receiving damage.  The 2 minute threshold could be used to trigger some "centerscreentext" repair notification to the player too.

    If you happened to have a "repair needed" centerscreen text dds, with RGB values set to 255 (to allow easy tint setting), that would be useful.
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