Enchant effect persists for several seconds after it is removed from the UI

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1. Cast Mysticism's Enchant spell
2. Wait for the effect to expire
3. Observe after several seconds you see text notifying you that the effect has expired

This is a nuisance because you can't renew the spell while under the effect. Even if you cast the spell shortly after it disappears from the UI, it can still fail to apply.


  • The timer on the buff icon in the UI has a resolution around 1 second, unfortunately.

    The value could be rounded up an extra second, and the buff icon could be destroyed when it's actually deactivated.  This would lead to an issue where the user sees an inaccurate estimate in the other direction.

    I think Yoshi pointed out spellweaving spells are inconsistent with magery, in that you can't recast until the effect expires.  Whereas with say bless, you can recast whenever.  Sounds similiar for enchant.
  • looploop Posts: 327
    I don’t personally think this is a rounding issue, at least not in terms of rounding to the nearest second. It takes several seconds — perhaps as much as 5 or more — between the removal of the buff in the UI and its actual expiration.
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    At 120 mystic and focus, the UI buff icon vanishes within about a second prior to the sound effect, system message, and enchant dropping from the weapon (in my test).

    What skill are you running at?   If you're running at lower skill, perhaps the formula used to calculate the buff remaining time is off.  Does this happen with other buffs?

    Even if true, as a work-around/test, you could add say 5-7 seconds to the buff timer for enchant.  The buff icon may just be removed automatically without any other change needed.
  • looploop Posts: 327
    120 Mysticism and 120 Focus. In a congested area on Atlantic. Treasures event.
    1. Enable timestamps in the log (or post including timestamps)
    2. Add chat print for enable and disable buff, so that shows up in log w/log timestamps.
    3. You show what's a heavily loaded area on atlantic.  See if you get different results in a quiet area on a different facet.  (you describe a situation where time moves faster on your machine vs. the server, of course, there can theoretically be issues on either/both sides).
    4. You should rule out any other mods you have installed, run default UI.

    buffdebuffwindow.lua, CreateNewBuff(), add a print at HandleBuffRemoved() too
    	if(buffId == 1091) then
    Debug.PrintToChat(L"Client: Create Enchant Buff timer_seconds="..towstring(buffData.TimerSeconds))

    Here's what I get, where the client and server messages are within the timer resolution.

  • looploop Posts: 327
    Will let Broadsword take care of that. It's the holidays, and I'm off the clock ;)
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