Global Chat issues - location and active status (Classic Client)

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
The active status first.

Expected result: One would expect that, when one changes characters on an account, that the Global Chat status would carry over (off if already off, on if already on). 
The actual result is that sometimes (especially if changing to a character that has not used Global before, but can happen with any character change), you can get bumped out of Global Chat, and be wondering why the person next to you is claiming that they've been trying to send you a reply to something said with another character for an hour.
Or, you can switch from one character whose chat is on, to another whose is off, and when you switch back to character 1, their chat is now off.

There needs to be a choice toggle for the log-in, making it possible to choose to be logged in on all characters, or logged out (As the case may be) - and stay that way until you switch. The other toggle option would be to make it "by character", and not have the status of one affect the others. There also needs to be a color difference (similar to the red tint the chat indicator takes when there is a waiting message) so that you can tell whether your chat is on or off without having to open it up.

The other chat issue: The Global chat indicator is in a REALLY poor spot. It is obscured by the bar that covers the top side of the screen, on log-in. You can move both the indicator and that bar, but unlike most things on the screen, they revert to their default locations. This can make it difficult to see if you've gotten any messages. Plus, at its default location, the general chat's list of connected names goes OFF the left side of the screen when you open it, requiring that you then move it off the game play window.

The Global Chat indicator needs to be able to be fixed to the location it is moved to (the way the paperdoll, status bar, spell icons, map, buff/debuff bar, and item properties icon stay put when opened and placed on the desktop)
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