Atlantic 18x18

Selling my Atlantic 18x18 , located in malas . Im stepping away from UO and i have had allot of requests to recreate this house for people, sadly i dont have the time to do deco any longer. So im selling the original. She comes with everything you see in the photo, em items and all. and the inside is about 90% decorated. Swing by and have a look if you are interested. there is a map on photo. 2 teles out front as to keep your house private if you wish to do so. left tele takes you just over the wall to the front door. right tele takes you to the top part of house that i used as vendor space. im asking 6p , ive also included my discord because i havent had access to my icq in a couple months. but feel free to pm me on here with any questions.  [Selling] - Atl home with em items | Stratics Community Forums


  • AnderAnder Posts: 4
    Wow! Great looking build - it looks like it took some work!
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