EC: block transmogrify potion usage

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edited November 2023 in General Discussions
For a belt and suspenders approach, add the following to GumpsParsing.lua, function GumpsParsing.ShowHide()

	for gumpID, value in pairs(GumpData.Gumps) do
-- new code
if (gumpID == 9250) then -- transmogrify potion
if(Interface.AllowTransmogrify == nil or Interface.AllowTransmogrify ~= 1) then
Debug.PrintToChat(L"Transmogrify disabled, script Interface.AllowTransmogrify=1 to over-ride.")
Debug.PrintToChat(L"See this link for details/status")
GumpsParsing.ToShow[gumpID] = 0
-- end of new code
This will block the potion usage unless you've set the over-ride.  I only tested with a shield transmog, as I don't have any others handy.  Read the link above for more info/status.

I don't know if there's a way to do this in CC.
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