Gender inversion while in wraith form

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At least in EC, when you are playing a female character, in wraith form, the client switches to believing the character is male.  This affects various sound effects (artifact award drops -- there are quite a few sound effects that differentiate based on gender), and subtle UI elements, at least.

You can use this Actions->Other->Command to print the current gender.  (or use /script in chat window)

script Debug.PrintToChat(L"Is_Female ".. towstring(Interface.GetMobileData(WindowData.PlayerStatus.PlayerId).Gender))

  1. Login female character, not in wraith form.
  2. Issue the script command above.  It will report Is_Female 1.
  3. Get into wraith form.
  4. Issue the script command above.  It will report Is_Female 0 (it should be 1).
Note the Gender element influences many checks in the UI code.

You can also use this as an example of the wrong sound effect, while in female wraith form

script CenterScreenText.SendCenterScreenTexture("artifact")

I don't know if this is relevant to CC.
I haven't checked the other forms like lich, stone form, etc.


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