new up dated list of items for sell

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all items are for sell on atlantic. u can find my shop at 102 56 n 36 21w.
if u cant find the shop or want to buy any thing just icq me at 631629580
all items can  be sent at my home or icq to see . no pics will be posted to many items
em rares
gladriel's manipulation artifact
Date     September 29, 2015
Shard     Oceania
Quantity     10

demonic rat zodiac statue
Date      2014
Shard     Formosa
Quantity     20

dread lord hillimitus head
Date     April 6, 2015
Shard     Lake Superior

the skull of undying lamenter
Date      2014
Shard     Arirang
Quantity     10

a wolfgang ruby twisted by minax's magic in an attempt to remake the gem of immortality
Date     August 23, 2015
Shard     Napa Valley
Quantity     15

twisted gargoyle statue from sunken ambrosia
Date     August 18, 2015
Shard     Great Lakes
Quantity     20

armageddon's flame-awaiting the return of the zog
Date      2011
Shard     Great Lakes
Quantity     *

the rotting lifeless remains of vaeg the sorcerer x2
Date      2014
Shard     Lake Superior
Quantity     10

your find a note written in blood a horizontal line runing on the top of : devil's blood
ate      2012
Shard     Baja
Quantity     unknown

I Got Killed By Mesanna But All I Got Was This Cake!
Date      2010
Shard     Great Lakes
Quantity     100

Melted Snow
Date      2007
Shard     Baja
Quantity     ~10

golden chalice with dr. wigglesworths final sacrifice
a snowy holiday escape hosted by raistlin wind at 6:30pm cst on december 20
pure fire fish balhae
pure white fish balhane
royal botanist's trowel
orcish ship building tools
magical horn
royal guard hatchet
goblin oil
participant legends big fish turnament 7/24/09
legends dart tournament participant 8/22/10
helm of the damned replica
a replica of the magician's wand
spice vixen's dream keeper
a flask of blood infected with the vampirism disease
an astral sunburst caused by celestial phenomenon
a passionate rosebush augmented with truse beauty:omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori

seek item
book open saying 9for further study,vist hhtp:// vortex/roleplaying101/ rp.html

server briths

flask stand
bloody bandage
a ship claim ticket
bottles of ale 4 one
un side down recall rune
bottle blue
bottle  tan with red
arrow shafts
mallet and chisel
bloody bandage
bloody water

werid rares
recall rune bless useds 24

2 boards says exception
a pile of snow deed white

old rares
head of smdemo
head of smile
wyrm's heart
skull of lord strom halfdan

name guild stone deeds
Momma's revenge![none]
Paragorn Empire[PE]
black plague[B/\P]
japa ese people[OuT]
Yew Gate Vendors[YGV]
blue Collar[HIC]



  • Hey dude, answer your icq.  Or is my GOLD not good enough for you.  Or maybe I'm not one of the "UO SPECIAL PEOPLE".  Whatever brah.   I am so over this game.
  • stevensteven Posts: 79
    never got a  icq from u sorry
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