NPH Haunted House - Friday, October 27th. 9 PM EST


  • OnixiaOnixia Posts: 84
    I can't wait!  Lots of fun!  Great deco!  And even a castle for those that live in Fel and like to hunt people.  Something for all.  And you even get to trick or treat in both castles for neat items.
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,175
    edited October 2023

    There will be a hitching post available, PLEASE stable your pets before entering, as the house is located in the swamps and your pet will become alligator food!

    You WILL die in the Fel House....but there will be a healer to rez you, and you will only die once....I promise!

    IF you dare enter the Fel Teleporter and find your way to the prize giver, you will be rewarded!

    There are several prize givers throughout the house, don't forget to say TREAT...or TRICK to get your gift!

    Please don't forget to sign the guest book with your name and shard of origin, it will be placed in the NPH Archives!

    On behalf of the NPH Guild of Origin, we hope to see you there!

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