Rings and bracelets, erroroneously adding Bless charges

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 762
edited October 2023 in Bugs
Rings and bracelets with 10 str, 10 dex, 10 int unexpectedly get bless charges added.  
Pictured loot is 48 hours old.

When looted, bless charges are not present.
By the next day, bless charges get added (happens during server maintenance, perhaps?).

When the bless charges run out, the 10 str, 10 dex, and 10 int stat boost no longer work (even though they show up in the stats).  The jewel is basically "bricked" / of little value at that point.

This does not happen with 8/8/8 jewels.

Expected behavior:  do not add bless charges, OR, do not negate the stat effects when the charges run out.

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