Help for returning player, please! Embarrassingly noob questions :(

Hi all. I used to play this wonderful game from about 2004 to 20010, but haven't played in years. In all the time since, I have never found a game that captured me as much as UO, so I recently decided to go back and see if it still has that same appeal. I wasn't able to recover my old accounts (figured that there was way too much time gone by), so I started again from scratch with a brand new account on Endless Journey.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to remember the simple basics of how to play - like how to run, fight, interact with vendors, etc. The Bank gump was all different but I finally worked it out (literally took days *blush*) and I got used to the bank action menu. After a few days, I decided that I was having enough fun that I wanted to subscribe again, so that I could build a house, etc. I just did that through the EA accounts, then logged back in and the bank gump has completely changed! It looks much more old school than the new one I had gotten used to and doesn't bring up a menu! I can drag/drop stuff (including gold) into the bank box and it "adds the gold to my account" but then the gold just disappears! I can't figure out how much money I have in there. I can withdraw using the old /say withdraw xxx command, however, it no longer has the menu that shows how much gold I have and all the other menu options! I really don't want to spend another week figuring this out by trial and error, so would very much appreciate some help!


  • PS: I have tried saying "Balance". The word "balance" appears above my head but nothing else happens :(
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    Welcome back!  What shard do you call home?
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    If you are starting from scratch and learning how to play the game, EJ is all you need.  Played EJ my first six months or so.  As a grandmaster of seven skills with a suit you put together with pieces bought one of those nothing over 1,000 gold vendors, you can play the game.  The biggest disadvantages are that it’s from hard to impossible to sell anything to make gold since you won’t have a vendor, and the limited storage.  Not to get me wrong,  you will want to improve you skill levels and equipment, and have vendors and a house. But, if you’re starting from scratch and not an experienced player that knows the game well, EJ wii meet your needs just fine.
    Oh, at the bank, just say the word - bank.  Good luck in the game.
  • Welcome back!  What shard do you call home?
    Hi Lord Frodo, I am in Oceania.
  • Thanks for the welcome. I have sort of figured it out. If I click on a Bank NPC and choose Open Bankbox, I get the bank box and full menu. If I just say bank or use the built-in Bank macro, I get the box only. I'll just keep muddling through - the rediscovery is half the fun!
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