Immolating Weapon and Divine Fury are not overwritten if casted while active

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Immolating Weapon, Divine Fury, and possibly others are inconsistent with other short-term buffs. If you cast them while the effect is active, the buff is not overwritten, thereby wasting your mana.

This inconsistency has been around forever, so I thought I'd log it. I'm aware of other buffs that have more deliberate handling which prevents you from casting the buff altogether while the effect is active, but the handling of these two seems accidental, unless there's some historical context that I'm missing.


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    your stamina isn't refreshed upon recast of Divine Fury?
  • looploop Posts: 285
    Covfefe said:
    your stamina isn't refreshed upon recast of Divine Fury?

    Not sure, but I guess if it does then it's not a total waste of mana. Mostly I mean to say that the buffs' states are not overwritten. For example, if you cast Immolating Weapon when it has 5 seconds remaining, it's not overwritten as a fresh buff with a max duration.
  • CovfefeCovfefe Posts: 153
    There's a few spellweaving spells that are behaving badly. Will create a new thread to list them.
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