Puff Baby to be Born in Moonglow!

After much questioning, searching and fighting ... the lost egg of Puff the Magic Dragon has been placed in Moonglow. It was found in the very back of the Painted Caves last night and, after a valiant fight by many glorious warriors, was brought to Moonglow.

We expect it to grow and hatch within a week.

Not much is still known about the murder of Puff. We know that two brothers took the egg but we don't know why or how. We know the demon, Nicholas, has a weak spot for children ... a crack in his otherwise evil armor.

We will continue our search for justice for Puff but, until we know more, the Glowies will be protecting  Baby Puff with all their force of might and magic.

Minoc is not to be overlooked. Without the tireless intervention of Governor Scarlett, we never would have found the many clues that led us to this day.

Justice for Puff!

Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant
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