Brit ship decayed (but got saved by my lighthouse) too quickly.

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I keep my Britannian ship parked at Skara as a crossing alternative for my citizens and other members of the shard (I'm governor of Britain on LA) when doing trade orders (ferries don't work on the orders). I make sure to refresh my ship (and another character's fishing boat, placed for the Governor to fish in Fel), at least once a week. 

Tonight, I came in to refresh, and the Brit ship was gone, but the other ship (that's usually refreshed a minute or less before the brit ship) was fine, still days left on its duration when I refreshed it. I lost some junk, fighting supplies, and 5 fishing quests, but all those are replaceable.

Did the the timer glitch, or did someone have it removed by a GM (it's not blocking any parking spots, as it sits parallel to the rope that walls off the ferry area) just to be a Karen?


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    Very possibly. When we, on Europa, last year constructed a bridge of Brit ships from the mainland to Jhelom for Krampus runs. I paged a GM and asked if it would be OK. I was told, yes, we're fine, but if anyone complained we were blocking, then the GM would be forced to remove them. Luckily at the time, no one did and we removed the bridge at the end of Krampus.
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    I have had this happen to me with a Brit ship on Sonoma.
    I checked it on a Friday and it was gone on Monday.
    (mine wasn't saved by the lighthouse)

    my ship was parked at ice island though.
    And I have friends who also lost their Brit ship before they were supposed to.

    I also know of people who park at the floating emporium
    every once in awhile I will look at the parked ships
    and the Britain ship will be somewhat worn
    while the others will be slightly worn
    and they are always clicked on the same day


    ever since i lost mine, I tend not to leave one in the water.
    but I don't leave one in that location either.
    someone else does park tokuno ships there
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