Character with -20% physical resist (has been for ages) - bug or am I missing something?

Before I post over on the bug forum, I was wondering if I am just missing something; all naked and with no debuffs, I have -20% physical resist! 

My forum search skills may be really bad, but am I missing something?


  • Page a gm and word it like this "my character has -20 physical resists while naked. I have tried casting and re-casting all buff/debuff spells and tried killing my character. none of this worked,please come reset my character"  always works for me.(make sure you have tried all that first though)
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  • KronalKronal Posts: 81
    The spell protection causes reduction in physical resist.  Check to see if you are under the effects of that.  If not try killing yourself (in game).  :)
  • TrevelyanTrevelyan Posts: 21
    Char was bugged, thanks guys!
  • InLorInLor Posts: 353
    Hoping for a +20% resist bug one day.
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