For Puff: A Hunt for Justice (Contest)

Recently, Moonglow’s beloved unofficial mascot, Puff the Magic Dragon, was murdered. His head was seen hanging like a macabre trophy near other magical creatures. The fallout in Moonglow has been extensive.

 The governor of Moonglow took her concerns to King Blackthorn. He asked Angelique to investigate it and then tasked the governors of Moonglow and Minoc to look further into the situation. Angelique handed each of them a note, directing them to a magical house full of vague clues. The note read:

The knowledge you seek can be found just across the starry void, south of the city named for the moon.

The governors reached out far and wide to their confidential informants and soon the information started pouring in. Of course, since the information was gathered surreptitiously, it was in code and must be deciphered.

You will find the clues in backpacks on the top floor of the house. We suggest you look at them all before setting off on your journey. We found a lot of information in the house very useful, so we suggest you look around carefully!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find the informants and quiz them. Some of them have a lot to say and some seem to be only able to pass on a limited amount of knowledge. Once you arrive at the house, you will ask the mage for the INTEL. She will give you a book to jot down your thoughts and a way to magically return to the house at any time.

We believe there are eight informants out there. Most of them will answer to the password HELLO. Once you have found and interrogated each of them, jot down their name and location in the book. Include a short summary of what you think is going on … is there more to find? Do we know who must pay for this horrible thing that has happened? Who did it and why? Any additional information or theories are welcome.

Return your books to the starting location so that the INTEL can be collated and interpreted by Friday, September 8th at midnight. Enter the cave to find the mailbox!

We know this mission is fraught with danger. All those who provide a complete report will be entered into a drawing to win one of three purses of five million gold pieces.

Thank you and good luck!


WHAT: A hunt for information regarding the death of Puff the Magic Dragon

WHEN:  From Monday, September 4th through Friday, September 8th

WHERE:  Look far and wide. None of the locations are in Felucca. The hunt starts at a house south of Luna, across the bridge. There are eight locations

WHY: To discover all information surrounding the heinous murder of Puff


NOTE: Clearly our informants are not great artists but the clues are all in the form of backpack art. To see them as they were intended, you’ll have to either use CC or, if you use EC, go to Actions from the button next to Macros. Click on the word between the two arrows and choose Other. A little way down is a backpack icon with Toggle Legacy Containers next to it. You can pull that icon out to use it to go back and forth between what CC sees and what you see in EC.

If you are having trouble getting started, you can shout out in-game on General for Scarlett or Maith Ceol. We can also be found on Discord: Scarlett @ scarlett_uo or Maith @ txeggplant.

Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant


  • DUE to the generosity of an anonymous benefactor, the prize purse has been increased! Thank you anonymous benefactor!
    Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
    Governor of Moonglow

    Discord: txeggplant
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