the nox ninja: Would you do an 8x90 build?

The UO-Wiki Poisoning page suggests that poisoning is often used with a Ninjitsu template.  I'm having a hard time conceptualizing that.  Even if you go for a 7x100 build, I don't see how you squeeze in a healing&curing methodology.  One hundred in Ninjitsu, Hiding, Stealth, <weapon>, Tactics, and Poisoning just leaves 120 points for keeping yourself healthy, as well as recovering mana and stamina.  Obviously some sort of compromise is necessary.  Being attracted to balance, it occurs to me that if you settled for 90 points in the aforementioned skills ("master"), you would have 180 points for Healing & Anatomy or Chivalry & Focus.  Jewelry could be used to effectively raise a few skills to 100 or beyond.

Is this practical?  What do most nox ninjas do?
Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)


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    120 Bushido, 120 Ninjitsu, 120 Swords, 120 Stealth, 60 Tactics, 100 Hiding, 100 Poisoning

    Heal with potions and confidence.

    This is a nasty full-offensive template.  Your defenses are Feint into Evasion into Running Away into Smoke Bombs.

    Your offense is Nerve Strike, Death Strike, DP
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    @sibble, Interesting template.  You may have made a mistake transposing the numbers, because they sum to 740, not 720.  Is one of the 120s supposed to be 100? Would this be a human character, so that he could have 20 JOAT points of Parry?
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • sibblesibble Posts: 7
    You can wear a Captain John's Hat for +20 Swords, or any combination ring/bracelet with +skill on it.
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