Found on the steps of my new house..... 

From A Concerned Citizen

Dear Friends of Chesapeake,

I will get right to the point!

I, as a concerned citizen of this great country of ours, can not believe the Govoners of this
prominent land have allowed a BORDELLO to open up right under their very noses.
 Let alone the fact, it is right inside the city gates of our beloved city of Luna. 
(Right across from the Deal or no Deal Studios, DoND with be live in Chesapeake in August.

I am appalled and sickened by the Govoners' lack of interest in this
horrific rubble-strewn shrine to roses, and if I owned pearls, I would damn well clutch them!
People come and go out of this house all day long, claiming to get free pulled pork sandwiches in the "Cafe" on the first floor.  
( I'm sure that is not the only thing getting pulled at this abominable evil house. )

Now, I have heard the prattle around town, and the old women are talking.
One even told me, that a friends aunts sister cousin nephews uncle, told them, 
that this Friday night 7/28 before the AWESOME Cheesy Auction,
the owner,  a woman of ill repute, calling herself Madam Z, will be hosting a rooftop party from 8:oo pm - 8:40 pm EST.   
(Food, Fun, and Prizes!)

I urge you to boycott this house, do not fall for this woman's
 "100k dart game!"
It is a hellspawn game, one devised by Satan herself!!! 
This Madam Z, well, she is the devil's minion, and must be stopped at all costs!  
This is all just a ploy to get you into this sinful house, and for her to tempt you with a few vintage bank checks and a ton of gifts. 

Once she has you in your clutches, she will be your friend for life, and we can not stand for that!
 I  will not stand for it!
I urge and encourage everyone to show up in support and protest this vilest of institutions! 
Who's with me!!!!!!   

Sincerely yours,

A Concerned Citizen!
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