(Contest) Summer in Moonglow

Summer is the best time in Moonglow! The trees are blooming, the butterflies and bees are out pollinating the flowers, the mongbats are lazy and the scribes are wearing only their robes as they wander around on the rooftops! What a time to be alive!

To celebrate, the Moonglow Garden & Farm Association is sponsoring a backpack art contest! The theme is, of course, Summer in Moonglow. How you decorate your backpack is up to you as long as the theme applies. You are welcome to include a book describing your art or just let it speak for itself. 

If you use EC, you will need to "Toggle Legacy Containers" to complete your art. 

The contest entry runs from July 10th to July 24th. All entries must be dropped off at the Moonglow Garden & Farm Association located on the east side of Moonglow at 21N 126W in the mailbox. All the bags will be locked down for public voting, which starts on the 25th, until July 30th and the winners will be announced on July 31st. 

You'll know it's time to vote when you see old Thorny Green back on the steps! He will be handing out runes for you to mark with your choices (keyword: vote) and drop into the mailbox. 

There will be  prizes: Best in Show will be chosen by Governor Maith Ceol and her advisors with a prize of 10 million gold. People's Choice, chosen by those who vote, will have a prize of 5 million gold. Finally, there will be a random drawing from all entries for a 1 million gold prize. 

You can submit more than one entry, as long as all entries adhere to the theme. How you interpret Summer in Moonglow is up to you!

If you can dream it, you can make it in your backpack!

Good luck and we look forward to see your art!

Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant
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