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"Issue raised before however has since been many changes of game mechanics to prevent loss of pet and assist pet training,
  • Bonded pets can no longer go wild
  • Dead pets get transported to your location upon change of server or entering a teleporter/ship
  • Dryad allure and Command undead now correctly remain with owner guarding the owner upon char log out for 5 mins.
  • Introduction of Whispering mastery - functions similarly to a scroll of alacrity.

  1. Connection loss/client crash/power outage, pet instantly goes to stable so stops guarding the owner, owner inevitably logs back in dead (with possible lost items) as whatever was attacking pet kills owner
  2. Crystal ball of pet summoning designed with very specific balancing features/mechanics which are all bypassed:
a) weight : 10 stones (insurance cost 10gp)
b) interuptable casting time - same as summoning an ethy mount
c) reveal owner upon use
d) designed to be rechargeable with charges of powder of translocation which are used upon summoning, limited recharges.
e) some specific areas excluded from being able to summon pet EG ilshenar, champ spawns.
f) when trying to link pet ball to unbonded pet, receive a message that says: you must bond with your pet before it can be linked

all bypassed by logging out/in to summon pet to your location.

    3.  owner of pet able to prevent death of pet

Alice has tamer Bob, and Mallory attacking her, Bob sets pet on Alice, Alice kills Bob, Mallory and Bob's pet continue to attack Alice, Bob watches while dead as his pet continues to attack Alice along with Mallory, Alice has to defend herself and exhaust mana by damaging pet (bearing in mind 5 slot pets can sometimes have several hundred hit points) Alice expends all mana to damage pet, Bob can just log out when pet is red-lined, so Bob has used pet risk free in combat.

Alice attacks blue tamer Bob outside of guardzone, Bob runs to guardzone or other safe location EG house, Mallory attacks Alice, Bob allows pet to continue to attack Alice, if alice tries to attack pet (bearing in mind 5 slot pet can sometimes have several hundred hit point), Bob will log out when pet is redlined - risk free full pet use in combat.

encounter EG roof designed at specific difficulty Tamers with veterinary skill have ability to ressurect pets, no need to invite tamers with veterinary skill to encounters as when sampire dies, they log out/in to prevent swamp dragon from dying.
Or any scenario where pet owner will log out to prevent their pet from dying.

Intended game mechanics that are bypassed from pet not dying:
a) loss of 0.1 skill points
b) resurection cooldown if no veterinary skill (from NPC stable master or elixir of rebirth)
c) consumption of elixir of rebirth if no veterinary skill
d) 80+ veterinary skill no longer required
e) VvV mounts have limited (8) battle readiness, extended lifespan from logging out/in to prevent death upon death of owner.

   4. increased stress on login servers from people constantly logging out/in

   5. non bonded pet transportation rules bypassed. (normally will have to gate travel to transport non bonded pets)

resulting in loss of sale of instant pet bond potion (store item):
tamer spends time hunting a good/certain hue creature, many many areas allow you to recall out but not gate travel. Upon taming, if tamer wanted to get pet to safe location, they would have to take risk of having pet killed in dangerous location, (especially true with rare coloured rabbits with very very low hp) or use store bought instant pet bonding potion.

Bypassed by recalling to safe location and logging out/in, resulting in loss of store item sale.

ALL issues/scenarios fixed with:

Expected results:
  • For non mounted pet to remain logged in guarding the owner until char is fully logged out (same as Commanded undead and Dryad Allure) then auto stabled upon char log out.
  • For non mounted pet to have to be retrieved from stables after full char log out (splash screen already exists with this notification if you log out with a pet while you're dead and log back in, currently you correctly do already have to retrieve pet from stables - bypassed by logging out/in a second time after being resurrected)
  • For non bonded non mounted pets to be exempt from any auto stabling. - Although even this is not important if the first 2 expected results are adhered to.

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