Zedland Games & Fireworks display!

This Sunday 7/2 join us starting at 7:00 pm est for
Zedland games and the
Grand Reopening of Zedland Museum and Zedland Stables
on the Chesapeake Shard!
Zedland 17 Inc.

7:00 pm est
We have Slip & Slide darts, where 1 of 5 folks can win a collectible vintage 1 mil Gps bank check.
(Do NOT put these checks in the bank, they will poof.)

At 7:35 Fireworks!
If you have fireworks staffs' please bring them, I will be live-streaming this part of
the event on Twitch, and recording the fireworks. So the more staffs' the better!!!!
Let's make this the biggest fireworks display UO has ever seen!!!

Then at 8:00 pm est
will be playing Zeldand's original game
Where someone could win 10 mil in UO GPS!

But I know what some of you are saying!!!
"Awww... Holy Hell Z... only 10 mil gps? "
I hear you!
And Let's double that!!!

The top winner could win 20 mil in UO gps!!!!

Tons of prizes, gift-givers, and fun!!!!
Hope to see you there!
And Happy 4th of July!
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