Justice for Puff!

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Recently, it became known that the Puff, the Magic Dragon, who was the unofficial Moonglow mascot, was murdered!! His head is unceremoniously on display in the house of a known evil rogue!!

All of us here in Moonglow are devastated by the loss. The citizens of Moonglow found Puff, alone and sad, in a cave not far from the sea. After learning to trust again, Puff came to live anonymously and happily on Verity Isle, He frolicked in the zoo, loved the bits of beads and sealing wax he found around the Lycaeum and always was the first to hop on any boat passing close enough to shore. Even pirates lowered their sails for Puff ... he was innocence and magic, all wrapped up into one big happy, goofy green dragon. 

Naturally, seeing his head on the wall was a shock! Most citizens of Moonglow have opted NOT to see this macabre sight and choose to remember him as he was. Others, feeling that they must see the monstrosity to truly believe  it, have traveled to the house of horrors and all of them fell to their knees in despair before the remains of the gently giant we all love so much. 

The manner of his demise is unclear. We only know that Nicholas Scratch was somehow involved. 

We also noticed other magical creatures on the wall, including a reindeer. If someone has a way  to contact Santa and let him know that his loyal companions are in danger too ... it would be most appreciated. 

This matter will be brought forth to the King himself at the next Royal Council meeting. I urge anyone who loved Puff or sang the songs of his adventures to attend so that the King realizes the gravity of this matter. 

I have authorized the MILFs to further investigate the circumstances behind his murder and have given them carte blanche to extract information by any means necessary. Please do not interfere with their important work!

I am also putting out a request for all those with forensic skill to join the investigation. Your tips and information are invaluable and we will follow up on all received information. 

Furthermore, I invite anyone who wishes to share their stories of what Puff meant to them. Perhaps by sharing our individual good times, we can make it through this very very bad time. All tips, information and stories can be dropped off at Verity Manor, the official residence of the governor. It is located just south of Moonglow and there is a rune in the governor's office to help you in your journey. 

Scholars Cut, Moonglow's tailor shop, has graciously donated embroidered shirts to be sold to help raise funds for a proper memorial for Puff. These can also be found at Verity Manor in the coming days. 

For many of us, Puff was our first glimpse of magic and our first dragon friend. To find him, murdered, and displayed in such a state is ... it's unthinkable!

We will get through this time ... together. We will find who killed the dragon who was our friend and our touchstone for the magic that lives in all of us. Especially with your help! 

Thank you and stay strong!

P.S. Please excuse the less than perfect words ... our scribes are overcome with grief. 

Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant
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