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Any chance our EM, Xanthus, will start posting the monthly schedule of events (FYI, I am not sure if a "net toss" every month or 2 qualifies as an event) in a timely manner? And also make sure they are set up to be heard on the Town Criers? My opinion is that is isn't fair to the players to have to wait until the 8th, 9th, or even later than the 10th of the month to find out what is happening that month. Or find out about something when the EM gets on to announce "event starts in 1 hour". Between this, and the fact that events get postponed on a fairly regularly basis, I feel like Sonoma is not being adequately represented with respect to the EM program. With the word that cheaters will now be banned, I thought about giving the events another shot. But it's hard to do when everything is crammed into the last week of the month, or "postponed", or "rescheduled" on a REGULAR basis. Possibly because of a lack of preparation. Our EM has stated that they work 95 hours a week. I am wondering how much time that leaves to do the job of an EM? @Mesanna
  1. Is EM Xanthus is doing a great job.3 votes
    1. EM Xanthus is OK, but improvement is needed.
    2. EM Xanthus really needs to make some changes
    3. EM Xanthus is doing an awesome job. No change is needed
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