Last night on Pacific

I hope this was not an accident and that all the shards will be doing this at the final Boss events, I was able to put my dragon up before taking the gate out of the death bowl, having this will allow us to change mounts or battle pets for the final fight, I love this and hope this continues!!!!!♥♥
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    It would be a good practice for the EMs to stick with.  consistency is the hard part though.
    Good on that EM for the consideration.
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    It was remnants of a Mesanna Roulette on Pacific that was done in that area. Mesanna had placed it there so players could stable their pets as they were not required for her roulette. I don't believe EMs have the power to spawn anything other than Wandering Healers, as you could see how allowing them to spawn other NPC types could be abused.
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