Is this product covered by US consumer review fairness act?

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specifically here :
The Consumer Review Fairness Act was passed in response to reports that some businesses try to prevent people from giving honest reviews about products or services they received. Some companies put contract provisions in place, including in their online terms and conditions, that allowed them to sue or penalize consumers for posting negative reviews.

Was looking at consumer rights in US for being misold product after not receiving response for complaints about product (bugs).
What state is broadsword selling from? just looking at information at the moment in regards to consumer rights (if any)"

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    LMAO Broardsword does NOT sell anything, I can't believe you even asked that with all your so called knowledge.  Who do you pay your subs to?  Here let me school you, EA collects all cash for UO and DAoC and is located 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065 
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    You do not own anything.  EA is letting you use UO for a fee.  Good luck taking on EA because you will lose, they are way smatter than you considering you think Broardsword collects your cash.  
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    Merv word saying “if I can’t win pvp I want to shut down my favorite game”
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    Did you find a statement about negative reviews in the terms and conditions?  I just scan them now as long as my attention span permits which is not that long.  They are written generally in a way that discourages people from reading them (lots of verbiage and hard to read print) and I suspect most people don’t.  Have read about some companies suing people that wrote less than stellar reviews of other products so I know it does happen.  I guess I am not sure why you are asking this.  But to be honest would be interested in reading a post from a player that is familiar with this issue.
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    The issue is not his negative reviews it's his constant mention of illegal third-party clients that get his post locked and removed 
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