EC: entering shadowguard bar room hangs client / often results in death

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I've heard this doesn't happen with CC.

When you enter the Bar shadowguard room, you'll often end up entering the room dead, especially if you enter with a large party.  EC often hangs, or gets bogged down painting the room on entry.

It looks like the UO server is possibly sending several different versions of the room to the client, and there is significant time spent re-painting the room.  Possibly due to the tiles being updated in place?

Sometimes, you'll enter the room without seeing any repainting, just a long time to enter the room.  Sometimes, you can see the room being "painted" twice.

Perhaps there is some old code or an old version of the room that is sent first?   Does CC ever see the carpeted version of the room? 

Here are some some screen grabs that show the room in various states.


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    We've just always invis to counter this solo it's never an issue but if you are say running bard songs you're a goner as every mob targets you for instant death 
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    “Never experienced any problem entering bar on CC, never seen carpet”
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    The carpet is there in CC too.

    Was able to catch one of the first frames entering the room, in CC.

    The broader issue is CC renders certain areas much faster than EC.  There are public houses in luna, where runebook libraries are hosted.  Those immediately render in CC, but in EC they "paint" in a sluggish manner -- inside public houses with many objects.  Sometimes you'll see an intermediate black tile, similar to the "additional" room tiles image above.

    Haven't yet ruled out if the LUA EC code is a factor here, or the main client code is.

    A possible quick fix for the EC for entering the bar is to have the server only send the carpet (to EC users), and avoid sending the wooden floor that covers most of the room.  it's a 15-30 second difference entering the bar in CC vs. EC. 

    I'd prefer a general fix for the "slower rendering" in EC, however.

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