Sandlewood Keep

Hey! Weird ocd type question here! Feel free to tell me I’m nuts, lol! I really like the look of the Sandlewood custom keep, but would it look stupid in say the “northern forests” of Vesper? I have the Robin’s nest up there now surrounded by green grass and lush forests. Not exactly the area where you would find sandstone to build the Sandlewood Keep. 

The only places where it might make sense would be in the desert area near Brit which really doesn’t have the topography to place a keep or maybe the southern jungles or a few random islands. None of which, to my recollection have any available spots for a keep on Catskills currently. 

Here’s my dilemma/question for you all. Am I overthinking this? Yes, I probably am, but does it some sense? I’d almost be willing to find another keep owner and switch spots. There’s so many “ grey” keeps and numerous Robin’s nest ones arou nd. 

Props to whomever designed Sandlewood Keep! I love it. 


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,077
    You're a rich baron who's had the sandstone brought from a great distance 
  • LucienLucien Posts: 2
    Grim, that's not a terrible way to look at it!

  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,077
    Lucien said:
    Grim, that's not a terrible way to look at it!

    Oh all the local villagers hate you for it and daily plot your demise 
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