The Next Step - Friday May 18th 9PM EDT

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 118Event Moderator

Maxwell is asking for your help again.  Last time we discovered an Orc cave that popped up on an Island just south of Trinsic.  Maxwell ran into an old buddy Ishmael on this island who pointed out some mysterious things happening in the last few days.  Maxwell discovered a magnifying glass on the corpse and is able to get some more coordinates for the hidden cave.  Working hard with Ishmael they seem to have gotten an idea where the next step might be to look for this cave.  Maxwell knows the Rebels are getting close with their findings and needs to be sure he has the right coordinates before setting out on this adventure.  *thinks to self*  Maybe if we work together we could get somewhere faster…  Oh well a silly idea, they would never go for it. 

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