EC: missing mastery spells from spell filtering/expansion

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Relates to this thread.

The SpellsInfo.SpellsData table in SpellsInfo.lua is missing entries for some masteries, and also appears to have stray/duplicate items related to the discord mastery.  This affects spell name expansion and filtering, etc.

Update SpellsInfo.lua, starting with the "In Jux Hur Rel" line (which has merged info from the second part of this change.

	["In Jux Hur Rel"] = { id=705, name="Tribulation", color=TextParsing.Curse, distance=8 };	-- combined tribulation distance
["Kal Des Mani Tym"] = { id=706, name="Despair", color=SpellsInfo.PHYSICAL, distance=8 }; -- combined despair distance

-- add deathray, others.
["In Grav Corp"] = {id=707, name="Deathray", color=SpellsInfo.ENERGY, distance=8};
["Uus Ort Grav"] = {id=708, name="Ethereal Blast", color=TextParsing.Heal, notarget=true};
["In Vas Por Grav"] = {id=709, name="Nether Blast", color=SpellsInfo.Chaos, distance=10};
["Vas Ylem Wis"] = {id=710, name="Mystic Weapon", color=TextParsing.Neutral, notarget=true};
["In Corp Xen Por"] = {id=711, name="Command Undead", color=TextParsing.Neutral, distance=10};
["Uus Corp Grav"] = {id=712, name="Conduit", color=TextParsing.Neutral, distance=10};
["Faerkulggen"] = {id=713, name="Mana Shield", color=TextParsing.Heal, notarget=true};
["Lartarisstree"] = {id=714, name="Summon Reaper", color=TextParsing.Neutral, distance=10};

Comment out these two lines:

--	["Tribulation"] = { id=705, distance=8};
-- ["Despair"] = { id=706, distance=8};


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    @ForeverFun is there a mod that you can make that allows you to hover over a veteran reward shard shield that tells you the amount of charges it is holding? 

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