EC - Can't suppress or work around annoying Pet Training Gump

looploop Posts: 285
edited April 29 in Bugs
When your pet is still in training, you constantly get a gump showing the training progress. If you close it, you get it again. Even if your pet is already slot 5 but you haven't completed training, you still get it. Even if your pet is at 100% for that stage, you still get it.

On the Classic Client, you can work around the annoyance: the gump is small, and you can drag it mostly off screen.

On the EC, the gump is bizarrely large. It's a scroll with mostly empty space. You cannot drag it off screen. The gump gets stuck on the bounds of the screen. You also can't hide it behind other UI elements. When the gump is queried, its layer changes, and it will pop up over whatever you've hidden it behind.


  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 753
    you can edit GumpsParsing.lua

    	for gumpID, value in pairs(GumpData.Gumps) do

    if (gumpID == 999139) then -- avoid displaying animal training gump.

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