The Great Ciri Bone Hunt of 2023!

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Greetings Legends! As you may have noticed at the last few event, I have 3 sets of cleverly named bones to play with! So we're going to play a game! Not to worry, It's fairly simple! Sort of.. or is it..?

Here's whats going to happen! I am going to hide these bones in 3 different locations. It could be deep in the heart of a dungeon... it could be hidden within a building in a city... or it could be out in the woods! You'll have to run around and explore the entire shard to find them.

Here are the rules:

1.) You must be on the same character when you find these bones.

2.) You must take a screen shot beside the bones with your name visible, and the name of the bones visible.

3.) You must Email me the screen shots at , Do not delay in sending the email! Only the first entry can win the prize!

Now there can be a few ways to do this. You may take on this adventure alone, solo! OR, a group guild effort. The first person/group to send me all three screenshots, wins....

A special reward be featured in the EM hall with your name/guild on it!

Now to make this a bit easier, because it is a big map! I will give you one riddle to solve for each set of bones. This adventure will also only be in Trammel. (I might do one in Fel to shake things up at a later date..)

Riddle #1- “In the heart Serpent's Spine Mountains, The Great One lays awaiting, A valiant hero to spot her among the intelligent and industrious....”


Riddle #2- “There is Knowledge in Honor, as the Mischievious one lays awaiting A Hero to spot her among ruins of Minax, Juka and Orcs....”


Riddle #3- “A Land of Hordes of skeletons, zombies, wraiths, and ghouls, the Deadly one awaits a Hero to spot her among the wasteland of the unchallenged. The greatest mages and potion masters guard her bones....”

Chesapeake EM
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