OK Triton VS Great Triton

  I have a Triton Fetish, this can not be denied :)   I Get a lot of Triton Statues and am on a never ending quest for more 130  high hp/Str Tritons.  I also have a tamer Fetish and am closing in on 100 Legendary Tamer Characters so I need lots of epic pets or that just a want ;) 

  So I just popped another dozen Triton Statues   9 were just terrible with low everything.  2 were 240+ Str and 123.7 and 122.8 wrestle  They will make ok Chiv/FFF or Straight Bushido Slugs, with plenty of room to max everything and 120 scroll everything and get sent to my characters on the off the beaten path shards.

  This one was the highest wrestling of the 3 keepers and the worst of the 3 because of the low strength.  I also like the 93.5 Healing VS the usual 70-80 I get when they are born.  Those are really the only two things this Triton has going for it.  Oh yeah and it has like 93 Energy Resist which is insane high for even a Triton.  If the energy resist were 10 points lower and the Strength 106+ Higher this would be a great Triton not a epic one but a great one.  As it is it is a borderline keeper for me. It will grow up to be a OK Triton on my scale of BAD/GOOD/GREAT/EPIC  LOL I don't do the whole calculating intensity thing, I look at 3-4 key factors and what I can build with it.  This Triton is limited to 1 school of magic (No FWW ETC)  That being said he will make a OK single school one with probably 110 or 115 scrolls and in the 750 HP Range. 

  Here is a example of a similar Triton I popped and trained to 5 slot and scrolled.  The Difference being the Strength at birth.  I don't remember exactly what this ones birth str was just remember being impressed with how high it was.  I do 20/9/30 on almost all pets regeneration.  The First Triton can never grow up to be as good as this Triton.  I could have and probably should have sacrificed a few HP and took this ones intelligent to 370 and put a 120 ninja on it instead of the 110 for a bit more FWW Damage and a little bit better mana regen with the Intelligence at cap. This one also only had 83 energy resist allowing me to beef cold and Poison resist up a bit more. Anyway this is a good borderline Great Triton for doing single target higher end content.

  Just like people got all hung up on Greater Dragons having 1000 HP and high wrestling and tactics to the exclusion of everything else. People get hung up on Tritons Wrestling to the exclusion of everything else.  Four Key Factors I look at with a fresh Triton are Str/HP/Energy Resist/Wrestling.  No I don't make huge mana pools.  Big mana is only useful in short fights I rarely put more than 350-400 mana on a pet. Instead I put my focus on Maximizing the Mana Regeneration for the long fights.  See some good pets with huge mana pools and weak MR.  That big mana pool is gone fast with Tritons and Cus in particular. Having Really Beefed up MR is far more important IMO than having a huge mana pool.  I would much rather have specials firing off regularly the entire fight than a big burst at the start and the pet occasionally dropping magic and specials after the big pool is spent and the regen weak. 

 On a Pet or Triton like the first one LESS IS MORE when it comes to specials and AOE.  For him I won't even do AI and I am thinking about making him a Disco, weaver or mystic Triton.  I won't waste 120 scrolls on him other than maybe a 120 weaver if I go that route. I will want all his mana going to casting and healing. He will be on my Tamer Crafter and primarily a support pet not the tank take and deliver damage pet.  I am NOT a CU fan, I just don't like them, and never have :)  So Tritons are my healing alternative to the CUs with the disadvantage of not being mountable, I can live without being able to ride it if it means I don't have to look at the ugly dogs ;) Tritons are UGLY but are beauty queens in comparison to CUs IMO LOL.

  On a totally unrelated OT and Personal Note.  I want to thank everyone that has heard about MRs Tyrath and sent messages of support for her via me. I have passed them all on to her.  For those that don't know she has advanced pancreatic cancer that was still in the 50/50 treatable range when discovered.  The last year has been a very long and hard year with the chemo and constant travel for scans and testing.  The good news is the Chemo finally shrank the tumor down to where it and 1/3 of her pancreas can be removed.  The Surgery starts Monday Morning at 4AM. Surgeon says plan on a minimum of 10 hours if everything goes smoothly and there are no complication and 14-16 hours if there are complications.  There are only 2 Surgeons in a 200 mile radius qualified and certified to do this surgery, the closest and by all accounts the better of the two is 100 miles away.  So I have 4 hour round trip drives to go visit and still have the livestock, the planting and the dogs to take care of here on the farm.  Friend is going to do my planting this year, and a couple of friends are going to help with feeding and water the Cattle and Chickens.  The Dogs I am just going to have to leave the Doggy door unlatched and put enough food in the bowls to get them by for the 10-12 hour days I will be gone........ Poo, Pop and Duke Would pretty much just kill and eat anyone other than Myself or Mrs Tyrath........ and that is not a exaggeration they hate people even more than I do and they are not little ankle biters :(   So I have to go visit and come back. She will be in the ICU for 10 days and in a regular room for another 12-14 days if everything goes well and is healing good.  Lots of things getting taken apart and reconstructed that are around and attached to her pancreas. 

  So as Monday gets closer we are both getting more stressed and on edge.  LOL she told me last night that she wants Lobster and Shrimp off the wood grill for her last meal on Saturday evening.  Heading to the fresh seafood shop this afternoon to get her Shrimp and Lobster for her Saturday Feast. We know the Surgeon will do her best but the reality is there is a whole lot that go sideways during and after the surgery. The surgery has much better odds of survival than not having the surgery...... Alternative to the surgery is a slow agonizing death within 6 months VS 30% odds of having the surgery and living another 5 years. LOL we will take 30% over 0% any day :)  Anyway the FB PMs do get read and passed on and are very much appreciated by both of us.   I really did not expect so much support for her from the UO Community when I only talked about it with a couple of my closest friends.

  I won't be back home until Wednesday or Thursday of next week and I am really hoping the Auto waterer and feeder for the dogs, I got from Ebay works as well as it was advertised :)   If not I will have a pack of 6 very hungry, thirsty and angry dogs when I get back home.  It looks like it will work fine in my testing of it.  When I get back home I will let folks know how the next chapter in this book went.  The next Month is going to make the last year look like a cake walk :(  This last part nothing to do with Tritons or Game pets but felt that I should drop some appreciation on the folks that have taken the time to give Mrs Tyrath well wishes, prayers and support. Kind of nice to get a PM starting with "Hey we don't know each other but I heard about your wife and am praying for her!" From folks in the UO Community.  There are some real Turds in the Community but the majority are real decent folks. Again Thanks.


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    Hope all goes well my prayers go out to you all 
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