EC - Animal form hotbar pre-selection overwrites all other pre-selections

looploop Posts: 285
Context: I want to have two Animal Forms in my hotbar, each with a different pre-selection.

1. Drag Animal Form to two different slots
2. Select a form from the context menu of one of the slots
3. Open the context menu of the other slot
4. Observe pre-selection has taken on the first


Each Animal Form slot should support having its own pre-selection


  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 753
    edited March 28
    As was touched on here, EC squirrels away the selected type of certain interesting actions, including AnimalForm.

    So, all you need to do is use:
    script Interface.ForceAnimal=x

    Where x is the number corresponding to the form you want.

    You'd then have a 2 step script, one executes the script command above, and the second operation casts animalform.

    If you aren't interested in looking at the LUA code to determine what the X value is for each animal form, you can derive is as so, after selecting each form in the existing selection menu.

    /script Debug.PrintToChat(L"ForceAnimal = ".. towstring(Interface.ForceAnimal)) 

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