Rares Jubilee 3: Burning Orc Festival

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Rares Jubilee 3: Burning Orc Festival
Our theme this year is a spin-off of the festival of Burning Man but with an Orcish twist.
We chose this theme because at its core, the real life version of Burning Man is a festival of
arts. It relies on community effort and the encouragement of everyone to participate. Anyone
may be a part of Burning Orc. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist
for participation in our community.

== Dates ==
Sunday June 3rd through Sunday June 10th

== Location ==
Malas Desert, North West of the Pyramid, Atlantic Shard
Special Moongate to the location provided next to the Luna Moongate

== Preliminary Schedule ==
(All times are in EST)
June 3rd – Vendor Setup Starts
June 3rd – Silent Auction Item Submissions Open
June 7th @ 6pm – Silent Auction Item Submissions End
June 7th @ 8pm – Silent Auctions Go Public For Buy It Now Options
June 8th @ 12pm – Contest Entry Cutoffs (more details coming)
June 9th @ 8pm – Silent Auction 1 Ends
June 9th @ 10pm – Silent Auction 2 Ends
June 10th – Contest Winners Announced
June 10th – Raffle Winners Announced
June 10th @ 6pm – Mini Event
June 10th @ 7pm – Jubilee Closing
June 17th – All Vendors must be gone by this date

== Staff ==
@Laina – Vendor House 1 – ICQ 132394785
@Smoot – Vendor House 2 – ICQ 442212126
@Olch ;– Silent Auction Houses – ICQ 1598439
@Nail Warstein – Support Staff – ICQ 150528775
@Promathia – Support Staff – ICQ 612363999
(Please contact @Laina if you wish to help with contests or events)

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/reECMas

== Disclaimer Warning ==
Please take caution and do not leave your characters or pack animals
unattended at the festival. You may be killed by released harrowers,
untamed beasts or other creatures.


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