*A Letter to Castle Blackthorn*

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*Shortly before dawn, a hooded messenger departs Trinsic and travels northwards. On her person, she carries a letter sealed by a purple-hued wax in the shape of a chalice, easily recognized as the symbol of Honor, and a large bundle of documents. The messenger walks without pause until she reaches Castle Blackthorn and informs the guards that she is under orders to give her delivery directly to the King. The letter that accompanies the bundle is written in very ordered, efficient hand-writing, which reads as follows*

Your Majesty,

These are documents retrieved from the mines beneath New Magincia. I have retained copies for Trinsic's records. They implicate the Arch-mage Cilehar Nomek as a member of the Zog Cabal. No doubt, he is this "Charmion Elke" who purchased the stolen Magincian gem from Moreno and the Family. He has been manipulating us all along.

Please keep these safe, and we can discuss this matter further with the other Governors at the next council meeting.

- Governor Chanticleer Reich of Trinsic
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