Any decent poison PVM templates?

I have 100 poisoning on a soulstone, and I’d like to make use of it, but I wasn’t impressed when I played around with it. The damage is low, and monsters cure it readily or are resistant to it.

Base skills for a caster:

Magery 120
Poisoning 80 (as I understand, 100 is not needed)

A lot of room here but not much that strikes me as viable as any mystic, weaver, or necro mage. 
I like the idea of a “no SDI” caster, perhaps one with hiding and stealth to whittle enemies down with summons and poisons.

Base skills for a fighter (using poison mastery)

Weapon 120
Anatomy 120 (needs to be real)
Poisoning 100

This one could be fun with parasitic poison, which heals you.

Any templates out there that are fun and decently viable?


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,018
    It's not worth having for all the reasons you mentioned in pvm or pvp another skill that failed to keep up with the times
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,305
    Agree mostly with Grimbeard.  But magery poison field can be useful at events starting off with with lower level spawns and for getting a few more extra points off of the bosses at those events.  Replaced it with spellweaving on my mage.
  • gaygay Posts: 358
    edited March 2023
    There are tons of decent PvM templates, just not from the perspective of "I want to play the least effective way possible". A no-SDI PvM mage is about on par with a zero damage increase swords sampire using a non-UBWS spear. And unfortunately poisoning meets that criteria for PvM as well with one small exception for necro mages and AoEing with Poison Strike, which technically you could do as a dexer as well.

    But if you absolutely had to have a PvM template with poisoning... These are my thoughts:

    • Weapon Skill, 120
    • Tactics, 100
    • Bushido, 60 (Basically for small confidence, and honor)
    • Resist, 120
    • Poisoning, 100
    • Necro, 100
    • Spirit Speak, 120
    Get 2/6 Casting, use corpse skin + fire weps to single target while keeping up curse weapon to life leech. For AoE you can use the Necro mastery to AoE corpse everything, then spam poison strike and AoE with a weapon.

    • 120 Magery
    • 120 Eval
    • 120 Necro
    • 120 Spirit Speak
    • 80 Poisoning
    • 120 Resist
    • 40 Meditation
    Same logic as above, minus the having weapons portion.

    In no particular order here is a list most everything else. (Non-poison)

    Single target:
    • Sampire (Vamp form dexer)
    • Whammy (Wraith form dexer)
    • XBC (Non-necro Bush Chiv dexer)
    • Ninja Dexer (Using mirror images and a leafblade for AI/Feint to tank)
    • Classic Dexer (No bush, chiv, necro. Plain healing, anat, resist)
    • Necro Mage (Wraith form, debuff with corpse skin, spam flamestrike)
    • Necro Mage Tamer (Same as above, use a fire beetle with Runic Corruption and either Mortal or Armor Pierce)
    • Spellweaving SDI Tamer Mage with Chiv/AI pet
    • Sampire
    • Necro Mage (In niche situations you can use poisoning skill with necro mastery to aoe corpse skin then poison strike)
    • XBC (With the exception of Throwers who have pitiful AoE capability, maybe even Archer due to the drawback of arrows being limiting)
    • Classic Dexer
    • Spellweaving Mage (Go wraith form, spam thunderstorm)
    I had fun once with a Melee Taming Dexer using a cu-sidhe that had conductive blast. Messed around with swords using the mastery to onslaught, and macing using the taming mastery Consume Damage. So it really just boils down to how creative you can get.

  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,305
    I had a mage like Gay’s except all skills were grandmastered except magery and eval.  Think at the time they were 110.  Poison field was very effective.  Casted it in front of things I got to chase me, let it wear them down a little and then killed them.  But poisoning wears stronger stuff down slowly and does not affect a lot of the stronger stuff at all.  It’s great for lower level stuff and some moderate level stuff and it’s fun to use.  Drop some poison fields, let them wear stuff down while you are doing something else, then go back and kill stuff.  Eventually dropped poisoning for spellweaving and never regretted it though I do miss it sometimes.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,168
    Using poison fields is a solid way to get dynamic champ drops on a mage (assuming you get there at the start)... that also assumes the shard you play has enough people to finish it.
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