Any decent poison PVM templates?

I have 100 poisoning on a soulstone, and I’d like to make use of it, but I wasn’t impressed when I played around with it. The damage is low, and monsters cure it readily or are resistant to it.

Base skills for a caster:

Magery 120
Poisoning 80 (as I understand, 100 is not needed)

A lot of room here but not much that strikes me as viable as any mystic, weaver, or necro mage. 
I like the idea of a “no SDI” caster, perhaps one with hiding and stealth to whittle enemies down with summons and poisons.

Base skills for a fighter (using poison mastery)

Weapon 120
Anatomy 120 (needs to be real)
Poisoning 100

This one could be fun with parasitic poison, which heals you.

Any templates out there that are fun and decently viable?


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 489
    It's not worth having for all the reasons you mentioned in pvm or pvp another skill that failed to keep up with the times
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 997
    Agree mostly with Grimbeard.  But magery poison field can be useful at events starting off with with lower level spawns and for getting a few more extra points off of the bosses at those events.  Replaced it with spellweaving on my mage.
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