EC HowTo: efficient adding of party members

In EC, you can efficiently add party members, with a single macro invocation.

Here are two techniques:

1. Sending an invite to the currently selected target:
script ContextMenu.RequestContextAction(WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId, 810)

2. Sending an invite to a group of targets, perhaps guild members you frequently party with:
  • Create a macro, one "script" line above per player.
  • Replace "WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId" with the objectID of a single player.
  • Insert a "Actions->Other->Delay" 1.5 between each script command execution.

You can use Actions->Other->Command, then paste in the "script..." element(s) above.

See this post for how to get the objectID of other players.

(Another variation would be sending an invite to all guild members in a radius around the player).
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