vender search is not working

WhitewolfWhitewolf Posts: 118
title says it all


  • VagabondVagabond Posts: 78
    Hrm. It is working for me. Slow, but sometimes, just wait a bit longer (even after the red "didn't find anything" message, and the results will pop up). Which shard are you on?
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  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,563
    Your location and shard name would be helpful
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,743
    edited March 11
    It is really slow and turns off for a few minutes more than normal.

    Right now it is Timing out on LS and Atlantic.  Then after a few minutes it may give the results.
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  • WhitewolfWhitewolf Posts: 118
    on Atlantic just keeps timing out, tryin to stock my venders, using 2 accounts to vender search and having to do it 5-8 times before it finally works.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,743
    Its not working for Auction safes either, usually those work because there are fewer items.

    I had one search result pop up 10 mins after it said it took too long.

    Also trying search for different things on 2 guys.
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,084
    Yea, it’s going down again.  Really slow the last couple few nights. Maybe, a little longer than that.  Also, after several successful searches in my keep it thinks I am in the middle of the woods and grays out.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,743
    edited March 11
    Vendor search just started working great!  What ever shard just went to maintenance please don't turn it back on!

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  • poppspopps Posts: 3,569
    edited March 13
    Vendor Search, at least for me, is still working badly.

    Extremely long waiting times which often end up with a timed out error message, results from older queries all of a sudden popping up, after long waiting times and frequent time outs error messages in place of what one is currently trying to research....

    Not to mention, Vendor Search all of a sudden shutting down on me (while I am browsing) and telling me that I must be at a justice region or a safe log-out location (which I am already....) in order to be able to use the Global Vendor Search...... and I need to wait further extra time that the availability of VS restores on my Menu from the greyed-out status.....

    Very, very frustrating. It takes forever to search for a few items.....

    Please, do something to restore functionality and reliability of the Global Vendor Search.

    Thank you.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,084
    Popps generally vendor search works the same way for me when they do maintenance.  It really tics me off when I get that Justice zone message when I am in my keep.  If vendor search is working at all, you can use it if you go to a Justice zone, but sometimes it just goes down and you can’t use it anywhere.  Also, when I log on, most shards have the single red dot for latency during this period.  My shard usually comes up to two or three dots after a short wait.

    I think this game has always worked the way you described when updates are done. Don’t know why this problem associated with maintenance can’ t be fixed. Just know it would have been fixed years ago if that was possible.  I just accept this crap.  Not saying I agree with it but just recognize it’s a part of the game so I can enjoy the parts that sort of work.
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