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I get that the announcements of what is happening and going on post to the main landing page for UO.com. 

It would be nice to see the UO News rss feed post to the forums here in the General Section where we can comment on them.

You would see a lot of good feedback I would think as well as helping keep us in formed on the current happenings. 

Honestly I go straight to the forums so really I never see the announcements which show up under the scroll of the first page. 
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  • InLorInLor Posts: 354
    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    I just talked to @Mesanna in the game on ATL and she mentioned that we could talk to her about game issues and fixes when there is a Developers meeting in May. She told me the dates were up for May on the uo.com site. I checked the calendar and there is nothing there about a developer meeting. @Kyronix
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 975
    Yeah I was actually going to ask about that...I thought that since they have the official forums now that they were not going to do Meet and Greets anymore....glad that they still are but the schedule is not up on the main site.

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