The Missing King

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The Missing King

" You said they wouldn't be able to decipher it! It would be too hard you said! Bah! They cracked the code in no time!" Lady Camilla shouted at the trembling man before her.
"M'lady, I did not think they would be able to figure it out so soon! We both know it would be deciphered but it would at least
give you time to carry out your plan. How was I to know the citizens
had a legendary Decoder amongst them??", he cried out.
Muttering to herself while pacing back and forth, Lady Camilla spun around in anger, " you're just going to have to come up with
something better! Good thing the General got to it first and moved our dear King!" Now I've got to come up with another plan and move him again before it's found where he is, and YOU have to come up with a better code! One that takes more than a hour to decipher!, she snarled at the man. "Go before I toss you to the dragons for their dinner!", she shouted.
Pacing back and forth, Lady Camilla racked her brain for a suitable place to take the King. Suddenly she stopped pacing..and a evil grin spread across her face. "Perfect! Why didn't I think of this earlier! I know just the place........."
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