REPORTS of Tremors and Earthquakes coming from eastern lands of Malas.

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Attention loyal citizens of Britannia:

From the leader of Luna's Paladin Guard

" The Paladin Guards of Luna have been notified by many weary travelers, while crossing the eastern lands of Malas, they have begun to experience aggressive and frequent tremors. 

So much so they have damaged a local traders wagon and repairs to a nearby bridge are underway by the local stone masons.

Due to the growing concerns and reports, we have sent a convoy of Paladins to investigate this matter further. We shall expect their return within a fortnight and will announce the details of their findings. 

In the mean time;

We ask all citizens to stay safe and possibly avoid that area of Malas while investigations are under way.
I have also sent a request to the Governor of Trinsic to aid us in replacement of the Paladins we have temporarily lost. We hope to have the city refortified soon.

Thank you,

Riley, Luna's Leader of the Paladin Guard."

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