Carpenter BODs - "Music Stand" BODs.

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
edited February 2023 in Bugs
There's two types of music stands, short music stands, and tall music stands, with different skill levels to make.

However, the "Music Stand" smalls do not say "short" or "tall" (at least in Classic Client - not tested EC).  However, there are BODs for both.

Short "Music Stand" BODs do not accept Tall Music Stands.
Tall "Music Stand" BODs do not accept Small Music Stands.

With BOTH BODs only named "Music Stand", the only way to tell them apart is to compare the image in the BOD gump with one of the crafted music stands.

The BODs need to be renamed to display "Short" or "Tall", as they are titled in the actual Carpenter crafting gump.

(There's a similar issue with the Small Crate BOD being named just "Crate", but since the other two crate BODs are named "Medium Crate" and "Large Crate", it's not as big an issue - but it still needs fixed).

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